Oct. 17, 2017
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Terms and Conditions

This edition has been updated on December 25, 2012

Dear User, your registration and use of the company's Voice, a website www.bmin.co their agreement with items in the original version of "rules" and all subsequent versions to be announced. We recommend that our users periodically review these rules at any time, to be aware of changes.



- Web reference refers to all websites or companies that represent them holds bmin on or communicate with them directly. All users are required to complete the rules and regulations of this website, and if there was any question about it, share with us.

the registration has service offered by our company is not.

- Register to Mzvr B. Weiss on the website, just be sure your email address is valid and active and keep the password you enter a desired password, choose a time between 6 and 11 characters. Then you must open your email, or spam your inbox Czech, your username record was created or maintained (Upon completion of the registration process, a user ID automatically for the user with the form or format B0000 will be made in order to receive services from our company should provide it.) and activated users click on the link leads to the panel. Automatically after a while you do not work with the panel, and you can log out the user name and password that you choose again login.

- All the information about the races and the teams on the website references the responsibility of the company are offered Bmin for possible errors in reporting the minute results, schedules, rates, and so the results were announced during the game - methods for betting competition (Live Bet) - responsible. It is obvious that if such problems rarely occur, we guide you, we will do on the track.


- A very important point is that the web sites, each person can only have one account ownership.a user with a user ID that the company can operate the system, all the user accounts without any warning and can block the signal.

- Each user himself personally bet money that the only exception, with limits defined by winning or losing the amount bet in the system.

- The minimum charge accounts, minimum and maximum betting amount, charges withdrawn, and the currency of such Web sites referenced in any of the different websites and you Dear user, click on logo on each of these companies, in addition to information and features of the site, the login page to have complete information about the work they receive.

- You can see on the website Guest B. Weiss, with reference to any of the sites below with your own choice, either in person, by phone, online or live (during the tournament), on a variety of sports and financial markets, with high coefficients betting in casinos or play the system very professional.They will perform and teach responsibility, to answer your questions and has a 24-hour support.

- Company B Weiss is entitled to payment restrictions, currency units, minimum, maximum, and cases such as these can change at any time and correct.

User can decide.

The agency offered a special package for the rest of the world should read. In all these cases, companies with certain people in certain parts of the world have been negotiating and features that are not available to the public.


Good luck.