Oct. 17, 2017
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Live Bet

Live Bettig means that you can bet amoung the matches and has some diffrence with normal betting.

The remarkable thing is that in the case of live betting lines and general 1x2 mud racing (Total Goals) only the coefficients change over time Ntyjh’msabqh game changed, but the same technique bet terms bet normal (before the match) is given.

In Handicap you have a specific rule،when match considered to be a 0-0 game. For example, You Barcelona team when 1-0 ahead, close your online -0.75 and match 2-0 in favor of Barcelona ends. However, before you start the game or when the game was 0-0 Close to the line to complete the intense heat, but because the result 1-0 to Close the line, cut in half, the Barcelona after 1 -0 once again won 1-0.

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