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Ways you can get in touch with us. First, the study FAQ to reach fast the answer of many general questions, and if you do not get response , can contact us via:

Location:                                       England (Isle of Man)

Support phone:                            +44(0)151 528 8994


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Support Department:                 [email protected]

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1) How to charge the deposit to your site?

Answer: After the demo, the user interface can be single or transmit information to the web site and choose your recharge.

2) The time it takes to charge an account?

Answer: After you enter a single information site shortname, will be charged to your account within 30 minutes.

3) How do we harvest?

Answer: You can request two days a week removed from the forms do that Sunday and Monday are capable of doing.

4) Is there a maximum and minimum recharge sites?

Answer: Yes, we are in the field of sports betting, poker, casino games and services can be provided and each site has its own minimum and maximum. Description of sites you can go to get full information.

5) Do you charge fees for withdrawals are taken?

Answer: All costs charged to withdraw, transfer funds and all other affairs of the company.

6) Web single rate is determined on what basis?

Answer: Single rate regardless of currency and market fluctuations and dependence on different sites is fixed. For more information, please refer to the description of each site.

7) How can we become a member of betting sites?

Answer: Your Azzvyt this site, you can open an account at one of the sites that are representations apply to the Asr time this is done. These can apply through the website or call the numbers below.

8) methods of transferring money to the site?

Answer: You deposit money into bank accounts through Iran or through electronic accounts will be able to pay. These accounts you can get by contacting the company.

9) What is the meaning of lines found in the Web site and how to bet on the site?

 Answer: You can find this information in the training part of thesite.

10) How do I find a reputable website?

Answer: to illegally has been active in non-trusted and ways to detect them., we are proud to announce the world's most prestigious and most famous sites work and cooperation during the conflict have not the slightest problem.