Payment Options


Electronic payments

In cyberspace to prevent theft and misuse of personal information, credit card, electronic money that used to be there. 

The key advantages of electronic money, payment in most sites and transfer money around the world is to be. In fact, as an attempt to transfer cash to exchange, exchange money electronically using the Internet to transfer money.

and transfer funds to your bank account.

Email Accounts accepted:

(Web Money) 

WebMoney is one of the most prestigious electronic money. You can find it by searching the internet banker or an official representative of Iran called WebMoney .......... The following numbers refer to the amount of your deposit.

(Money Bookers)

The most reliable and most cost money Altkrvnyky used in the gaming industry and is betting that almost all the sites are used. You can transfer money to the following account.

Bank in the country.

Time to recharge your account to play or bet. For more information, please contact our support.

Bank account abroad

Through two out of your bank account, you can transfer funds to us. Full details of the two accounts in the UAE and Georgia will be announced later.